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Design 29 are a small, multi-discipline graphics agency working based in the the UK, with clients predominately based in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. We offer creative services for print, web and display along with photography, video and animation.
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Our blog

This is a blog about our practice, as well as design in general.


It includes articles on just about anything creative, no matter what their origins, no matter how old or new.


If they’re of interest to us, then we hope they’re of interest to you.

20 Nov Reusable water bottles

Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso has created reusable water bottles for use in ten global cities that list the locations of public water fountains on one side. The half litre water bottles made from PBA-free plastic resin, have been designed as an alternative to plastic water bottles and to make finding a place to refill...

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16 Nov B-Arty

The image shows a recent commission for a simple A5 flyer. It's not always what it takes - but don't discount the impact and function that a well produced piece of print can deliver. Low in cost, this kind of collateral can easily be delivered in a...

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09 Nov Celebrating Hermann Zapf

Hermann Zapf was a comprehensive biography of the calligrapher, type designer and typographer. He towers over twentieth century lettering arts. Over a 70 year career, he designed more than 200 typefaces, many of which have become a part of our everyday experiences. In Hermann Zapf and the...

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01 Nov Swans Eye

Another beautiful image from Mike Sullivan. We can't help focusing on great photographic work (excuse the pun), with so many average images out there we feel the the need for professional, well devised and dedicated photography. Every picture tells a story. Every great picture tells a great story. With...

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23 Oct We know colour

It's been a while since we talked about some of the basic 'elements' of design. Often we find that technology can sometimes take over the conversation and we discover that despite our inherent involvement, we've forgotten to highlight the essential ingredients that effect just about every aspect...

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21 Oct A Glossary of Basic Design Terms

Designers have their own language. There are words that only we understand. Sometimes we don’t really know their exact definitions; we simply use them out of familiarity. We're often asked to explain some of this terminology and thought it useful to share this link. It's a...

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