About Us - DESIGN 29
Design 29 are a small, multi-discipline graphics agency working based in the the UK, with clients predominately based in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. We offer creative services for print, web and display along with photography, video and animation.
Design, Graphics, Logo, Identity, Branding, Web Design, Ecommerce, Print, Display, Signs, Point-of-sale, Packaging, Photography, Video, Corporate Video, Animation, Email Campaigns, Mailchimp, Stationery, Literature, Brochures,
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About Us


Design 29 offer a wide range of disciplines. From logos and identity programmes for business startups to complex ecommerce development for established businesses; we produce effective, professional project work both on time and within budget.

Creative Graphics

We draw upon over twenty years of experience working with clients and their projects in print, web, display and other media.


Design 29 make sure we combine ‘form with function’ in order to produce creative and professional projects.

Responsive Web Design

No matter how small or large the web project is, we always produce responsive sites for all mobile devices.


Apart from visual appearance, with Google now only ranking responsive sites, we ensure your web presence has the best chance of being seen.

Multi Discipline

We believe in making sure your identity and brand are delivered professionally across all media types.


We understand how design and artwork should be developed and specified, and therefore deliver all project work seamlessly.

How we work

Although we have a comprehensive range of in-house services, we recognise we can’t do everything!

However, we’ve been around long enough and know a plethora of practitioners who can bring specialist skills ‘as and when’ required.

Every now and then people may want to know what we really commit to the various professional services we provide. The answer is always 100%.

However, by way of illustrating that we’re not perfect, please see herewith a measure of what we admit we’re not 100% committed to… or perhaps not very good at.

Using Comic Sans0%
Making cakes0%
Using Instruction Books0%
Washing up0%
Please send us your design brief or contact us to arrange an introductory, no obligation chat.